"When I first began working with Libby, I had merely a Facebook page as a means of connecting with clients. Business was slow. Libby listened to my ideas and created a website that highlighted my imagery (I'm a photographer) and the experience clients could expect when working with me. It has become the number one driver of clients to my business, and in my busy season, I'm booked solid with weddings and family portraits. Libby also created my logo, which people have come to recognize in my area. I would not be where I am today without her incredible talent."
– Meg Wallace, Meg Wallace Photography
"McCalden Designs has removed some of the chaos that comes with running a small business.  Her expertise in design, web site creation and marketing has helped us stay focused on growing our business.  McCalden designs was instrumental in helping us build our image and helps us maintain an active market presence.
We initially contracted McCalden Designs for some logo and business card design services but that has significantly expanded to include web-site design and maintenance, e-mail marketing design and support, blog creation and blog support, marketing content assistance, Trade Show booth design, brochure design and more.
McCalden design is trusted business partner for us, while the logo’s have been created and we-site deployed, our engagement is not “finished”.  Our business life runs more smoothly because of what McCalden Designs has done for us but our business changes regularly McCalden helps us move business forward."
– Gianmarco Salzano, www.reporting-central.com
"I had been looking for someone to set up a music website for me. Libby McCalden was recommended as someone who was easy to work with and knew what she was doing. That turned out to be true. It was Libby's first music website, yet she had good instincts and took direction well.  After a great collaboration with a talented artist, the outcome was a whimsical and colourful website that I am very proud to say is mine."
– maggieblue, www.maggieblue.net
When I started Garden of Eden I knew that a logo/visual presence was key to branding my business. I have a little bit of design experience but was really limited by my out-of-date skills, not to mention my simple computer resources. I asked Libby to design a logo for me and I was not disappointed! She took my ramshackle design and gave me a logo that is clear, concise and, more importantly, easy for me to apply to both print and web-based materials. She even worked with a third-party to help me use the logo on fabric labels. Now, I'm putting that logo on everything I can think of! Thanks Libby!!"
– Maureen Hughes, Owner of Garden of Eden
"Now that we work with McCalden Designs, I always feel like we have our design needs covered and promptly met.  With our line of work, we are often in a pinch with impending deadlines.  I always know that I can call Elisabeth and confident that she will get back with me with her design work in a timely manner.  Elisabeth always takes our needs, changes and input always with a willing and upbeat attitude.  We never feel intimidated to ask for something different, make a few changes or overhaul the entire design.  This is probably the main reason I keep going back.  She is always professional personally as well as creatively.  Elisabeth always surprises me with her creativity and my husband is beyond satisfied when our finished project goes to print.  That is a huge relief to me because he is so busy with travel, meeting with partners and speaking at corporate events.  He just doesn’t have time to worry about creative designs and projects.  He can leave that to the professional.  He always says, "Email Elisabeth"  when a new project or need are at hand.  This would be my advice to anyone looking to get the highest tier level design of work at a reasonable cost.  We couldn’t be happier with McCalden Designs' work."  "
Kymberly Frey, Mainsail Investments, LLC and 7Summits7Seas.org
"Hope Mill is a restored saw mill on the Indian River near Peterborough Ontario. It started as a wool processing mill in the mids 1830’s and was converted to a saw mill in the late 19th century. It has been restored to working order and is open to the public.
Three years ago we decided that we needed a website to promote the Mill so I approached Libby McCalden. She designed an excellent site (hopemill.ca) which has had many very good comments from our visitors. Gradually she has taught me how to make changes in the site which is very convenient as we always have changes and additions. People as far away as Norway have visited the Mill because of the website."
– Alex McCubbin, Hope Mill
"Adding Libby to my business team, is one of the best decisions I made.  Libby had provided exceptional technical support, that included domain transfers and hosting support.  Libby is thorough, responsive and diligent in keeping track of details and follows up quickly to my technical requests.  Her contribution has improved the traffic of several domains and had an overall positive impact on my business.  I highly recommend her services."
– Judith Gilchrist, CEO Purposeful Life
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